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Crank out the pasta

Whenever you need some cooking therapy to break the work monotony, settle nerves jangled by irritating neighbours, or sooth away the rigours of, say, dealing with mindless bureaucracy, my strong recommendation would be to crank the handle on a pasta machine.  Embrace … Continue reading

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(No) rush

On the way to Easter (in both traditions), we’ve had the fun of working our way through various breakfast possibilities in no rush at all, so I thought I’d keep going in that vein by posting the ‘how to guide’ for a … Continue reading

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Sunday: Cuando una puerta se cierra, ciento se abren.

Spanish: When one door closes, a hundred open. To wind up my look at how we revive each day, so we might try again with the being a good person and making a happy life, I thought I’d share my … Continue reading

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The actual bread

In among a bunch of posts about cake masquerading as ‘bread’, I thought I had better pump up my baker credentials by showing that I do make the actual bread from time to time – at least to the extent … Continue reading

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My kind of wrinkles

When it comes to oven-roasted tomatoes, the wrinkles are where the flavour is!  In anticipation of a future post about slow cooked breakfasts, I thought I would share this pearler of a dish that will be welcome anytime you might eat brekkie. … Continue reading

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Exiting kitchen now

When our backyard weather station went north of 40°C a couple of days ago, I went literal not metaphorical on the old saying: if it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen!!!  But there is a limit to how many … Continue reading

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Another year, another experiment

  Part of my schtick as a cook is not be limited by the tried and true winners, and to make real food that may not be picture perfect like the show cooks, but it gets eaten enthusiastically – leaving … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season – to harvest lavender (in Oz at least!)

When a colleague visited New York City a few years back, a bus driver was thrilled to have Aussies on board in a very wintery January, during the slower post-new year tourist season.  Asked how it was in Oz just … Continue reading

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‘Quiche’ muffins

Quiche has a bad rep for being heavy from the pastry and hard to do for those not skilled in pastry making.  So this recipe solves several ‘issues’ at once by not having pastry. Sometimes known as a ‘shake & … Continue reading

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What are your staples?

While I think up a string of items to talk about in the Cupboard Cooking stream, I was hoping that readers would have ideas from their own experience of life-saving items to have on hand. 22 November: So far tinned … Continue reading

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