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December 24 – pudding

I suspect that there is actually a law somewhere that defines Christmas dinner without pudding as a cruel and unusual punishment – but here in Oz it often represents a bit of a challenge when dinner time not unusually clocks … Continue reading

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December 13 – arrowroot(s)

I am back to solo-ing today as nephew James is busy conquering the entire known universe in our favourite city building game, so I decided to share one of the great discoveries of the Advent-ure 2012. When I put ‘arrowroots’ … Continue reading

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Our mum might have called this ‘no frills’ fruitcake but now it is probably ‘minimalist’ in hipster-speak. Known traditionally as barm brack, or just brack, it’s the everyman food of the Irish – the cut down version was only three … Continue reading

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Zucchini slice

In another place this might be called a frittata (especially if some cream was added to the ingredients), but we went with the more responsible version and anyway, we don’t want to be gilding the lily, or, as Aussies say, … Continue reading

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