Coogee coast walk 2Hello from Coogee in Sydney, Australia, from someone fortunate to live in a beachside suburb where other people go for their holidays.

Our place is the size of a pocket hanky (inner city real estate prices – eek!) and so the kitchen is not much more than a walkway to the laundry.  But the fact is I enjoy cooking (a bit less so at the end of a long day at the office), and I have had fun in that wee kitchen creating things for family and friends to enjoy.

Ideas from all around the world have followed me home from the sometimes strange, sometimes dangerous, always interesting places I have travelled. Those are mixed together with things learned from our mum and many other terrific women I have known – and a few blokes who also enjoyed cooking!

Since I am often asked to share those ideas with people who sample the results, here goes!  Basically, my plan is to post recipes (semi-) regularly from the collections I have been developing – I’ve been working on them as ‘light relief’ while researching for my PhD in international law.  With my thesis now well advanced, the collection is getting pretty substantial.  It doesn’t hurt that my research has also rendered a few trips, to the land of the long white cloud, to our former colonial masters, and to where the most important question I had to answer over lunch was whether I would like one basil leaf or two on my bruschetta.  (Yes, just a little bit of gloating there!)

I’d be interested in any feedback about how the recipes work for you, or any suggestions for recipes that you need and think I might have to share.  Enjoy!!