(Everyday) Resurrection 2018

Breakfast is one of the universal experiences – in every language, human beings have to get up, get going and face what the day throws at them – so as I have blatted about in a post, I have gone round the world to find things to share when starting the day.

As an Easter celebration in 2018, I’ll be rolling through the days in the weeks leading up to both major Easter celebrations keep an eye out as these links go live. (Aaannnd, all done now!)

Monday: Subito presto!

Tuesday:  Ich denke. Wiederkäuen ist die Antwort.

Wednesday:Но, друг мой, я не согласен!

Thursday: Kore rawa e rawaka te reo kotahi.

Friday: C’est un scandale! Ils ont dit quoi?

Saturday: Dywedwch wrthyf unwaith eto y chwedl … 

Sunday: Cuando una puerta se cierra, ciento se abren.

This is also a good moment in my cooking story to say thanks to all the family for sometimes being kitchen hands, always taste testers and occasionally food critics, but never failing to eat what is put in front of them and appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to eat well, or at all.