Craftapalooza 2015

Several years back, some of us actually did what we talked about and got away for a weekend – to just do the creative thing, without getting caught up in house work, school work, running the family to this and that – you know the drill.  Some of us cross-stitched, another did paper craft; there was definitely beading action, a legend knitter and I seem to recall a sewing machine in there somewhere.  It was really terrific, but we’ve never been so lucky again.  The event we attended is held regularly but is often over-subscribed, and the need to secure a place early competes with commitments in the ‘diary space juggle’.

In 2015, rather than stressing over the diary, we decided to put on our own weekend at the home of my sister Kathryn (who also crocheted those great potholders further down this page), and each person just came along as they could.  The men of her house (Richard and James) were kind enough to give us the run of couches and tables, so it worked out very well indeed.

Pumpkin scones     Thyme ‘shortbread’     Passionfruit butter biscuits     

Biscotti – my way!     ‘Dainty’ profiteroles     Chocolate bites     

Tartlets for all    Buttermilk muffins     Eggs in filo (a.k.a. eggie muffins)

Pumpkin ricotta pie     Zucchini slice Risotto cakes    

In all honesty, my best ‘craft’ is cooking, so I happily catered the weekend and managed it within a modest communal budget organised by Kathryn.  All the food was ‘share-able’ for mutual fun and convenience, so they make good cooking for anytime there is more than thee and me – and even if it’s just me, they are pretty good anyhow!