Advent-ure 2017

How can a mum have fun in the festive season when the kids are a bit past opening the ‘windows’ on an Advent calendar?  Since I (really) like cooking and the men of the house like eating, back in 2012 we put it together for a novel approach – a kind of ‘surprise ingredient’ cooking challenge, with a new item to use on each day leading up to Christmas!

(More about 2012 here)

We just happen to do the Christmas thing, but we are all happy to celebrate anything – at different times in my very chequered career as a cook, we’ve put on the festive look for Samhain, Golden Week, Day of the Dead, Rosh Hashanah, Chinese/Lunar New Year – heck, I’ve made a Pokemon birthday cake look edible : )   (and the little boys hoovered it up, so I guess it was!)  So if you want ideas for another occasion, I have probably gone there at some time or another – let me know and I’ll check through the mental archives for ideas to share.

So for the Advent-ure 2017, I am reprising the 2012 season to share the recipes and revisit the fun, in whatever order takes my taste buds’ fancy each day!  So here goes:

December 1, chocolate    December 2, Granma’s secret ingredient     December 3, rosewater December 4, cinnamon     December 5, gingerbread     December 6, fruit mince December 7, custard     December 8, raisins     December 9, vanilla     December 10, mint December 11, Frosty     December 12, something red     December 13, arrowroot(s) December 14, Santa snacks     December 15, something green December 16 & 17, orange or coal     December 18, silver cachous December 19, elf snacks     December 20, fudge     December 21, butter December 22, cranberries    December 23, hot chocolate     December 24, pudding