Guest spot: Tan’s florentines

I’ve mentioned a few times that making slices is just not my thing. Scones, pastry, sponge, all the things that other people consider hard, are no problem at all, but my slices just don’t work. 

Ditto on florentines – really, the method is only a two spooner (given you need to melt chocolate) but somehow mine just don’t hang together or they look like the cooking equivalent of something a three year old drew with the two-fisted grip on a crayon!

However, I am lucky enough to have a friend who is the master of these.  Since her much-used recipe calls for about a third of a tin of condensed milk, she makes a triple batch every Christmas and I can rely on getting my own wee bag of them to hoard away from the two-legged rats that seem to frequent our house : )

Make Tan’s florentines

So for the first time ‘guest spot’ here, this is the fruits of my friend Tan’s labours on those – which I can attest are delicious. A bagful lasted about 4 minutes in our house!!