No, really – ’tis the season …

In the thick of making Christmas treats to taste for the family and the neighbours. This gorgeous specimen of an old style fruitcake is destined for my mother-in-law – 92, and still enjoying all the mixed peel goodness!

Sadly, the mixture is too big for my current favourite cake tin, so I have to hive some off to a smaller tin – and then we are forced to eat it, rather than commit the sin of wasting good food!! Goodness, if we did that my own mum would come back to haunt us – she really loved Christmas, so I could expect a serious visitation!

The wee lass next door has cracked the code: she is already in the habit of dropping in when she gets home from her activities, so at present she checks out what is going on in the kitchen. She has quickly worked out that if she asks what something is, she’ll probably get a sample!

These bikkies were actually one of Mum’s specialties, so I make them every year and our young friend definitely approves.

I leave some un-iced for her smaller brother who is still little enough to be at the “can’t bite it so gum it to death” stage.

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