Just coffee in my coffee

I know, I know – I’m old fashioned because I don’t particularly like the frou-frou coffees like “pumpkin spice latte” or (horrors) the latest broccoli latte!

My deeply held belief is that the best thing in coffee is more coffee, but I do have a soft spot for pumpkin spice when it comes to the festive season. Any dish that involves pumpkin or sweet potato can get a fabulous pick-me-up from adding this blend.

So it fits into my “cupboard cooking” thing – mix up a jar while the kettle is boiling on a slow day and you’ll have it ready when those veggies are begging to be made into pies or scones.

Or you can think of it as an insurance policy – avoid the disappointment of setting your stomach for a spicy pumpkin pie only to discover there isn’t enough (insert name of some spice item here).

Make your own pumpkin spice

And then there is the seasonal bonus that the house will smell unbelievably good for hours afterwards. In fact, if you leave the windows open while cooking with this stuff, neighbours from streets away will be envious! Mwahahahahahahaha – yep, your resident evil genius cook does it again – enjoy!