Crank out the pasta

Whenever you need some cooking therapy to break the work monotony, settle nerves jangled by irritating neighbours, or sooth away the rigours of, say, dealing with mindless bureaucracy, my strong recommendation would be to crank the handle on a pasta machine.  

Embrace your inner Italian soul to make as complex or as simple a sauce as you like (or that the dramas of the day will allow), but the pasta making itself provides one of the most satisfying experiences with the least risk of disaster – literally a quick bit of mixing and then crank that handle.

Don’t bother with a recipe – for each person you’ll need 100g plain flour and 1 egg, and that will turn into plenty of pasta for a hearty meal.  Follow the steps in the photos below – basically mix the flour and eggs and as soon as it is all stuck together, start putting it through the machine.