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On the way to Easter (in both traditions), we’ve had the fun of working our way through various breakfast possibilities in no rush at all, so I thought I’d keep going in that vein by posting the ‘how to guide’ for a few favourites.

First up – slow cooked baked beans and rice. The recipe is simple enough but I find most questions come because so many people are accustomed to cooking in a rush now – ‘how do I know if it’s cooking properly?’ or ‘what does it look like when it’s ready?’ ‘ how quickly can I make it cook?’ that kind of thing.  The main answer if you wan to do baked beans quickly, this is not the recipe!  This one takes time and you get a particular style of result.  But it is one from my whole food/no additives approach which is very hard to achieve if you don’t have time.  So you can make a very tasty dish for brekkie using canned borlotti beans but that doesn’t help if you have a problem with one of the ingredients used in the canning process.  If you do, then get a slow cooker and give this recipe a whirl – but you’ll need time.

In this set of ‘how-to’ shots, the last three are the money shots – after 4 hours cooking, 12 hours cooking and 14 hours cooking, all at 100°C.  Great breakfast, but then the rest became the basis for sauce to go on some ravioli.

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