Saturday: Dywedwch wrthyf unwaith eto y chwedl …

Welsh: Tell me again the tale of …

Munchie breakfast

What is it about Saturday that seems to make us morph into hobbits – you know, needing first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper … ?

Well it probably starts with my family’s habit of getting together over a meal – our mum’s side of the gene pool gave us an auto-chinwag function that means we endlessly have stories to tell each other, and by the time one conversation finishes, we are hungry all over again.

Here in our house it is probably helped along by the fact that we have two who are very much the night owls, and two who are habitually up to open the door for the sparrows – so when we are together and not on a deadline for school or work, breakfast automatically goes to multiple rounds of grazing as each turns up at their leisure.

Any of that sound familiar? Then my approach to Saturday is for you, whether it’s for the family, itinerant visitors, or guests whose breakfast habits might be different from your own.

Essentially, at home when we make like hobbits* the aim is meals as much and as often as we want them – so I usually have various ready-to-eat things to stave off hunger pangs in the early risers, without making so much noise that sleepers-in are disturbed, plus a range of hot items for a more sustaining round once all have greeted the day.  Leftover ready to eat things can go out again later as elevenses or afternoon tea, and the hot items can magically also look a whole lot like lunch or dinner if need be – add some salad or veg as the season/weather suggests.

For the early risers, other than industrial quantities of espresso, having muffins on hand is a no brainer, or perhaps a loaf or two picked up from Friday-style breakfast.  You can cupboard cook some muesli, but that seems a little too prosaic for inspired relaxation at the weekend, so here are some others to put a ‘day-off’ flavour into your weekend:

Carrot bombs (gluten free)    Sticky malt loaves (moderate sugar hit)   

Fridge porridge (for a soft start)    Oatey slice  (politically correct)  

Biscotti (Italian for ‘essential to go with resurrective coffee’)

For hot items to share, we love all of the usual breakfast treats like bacon and hash browns, but if you are looking after a group, I’d suggest think in terms of my favourite snack meals – ‘Quiche’ muffins  or  Eggie muffins or Zucchini slice  – as a good basis to get started without stress.**

*Actually when we took the boys on a road trip to Perth years ago (when they were still in school), to see the other side of the family, it was at the height of the LOTR movies being released – and we really did end up playing hobbits for a day on the return trip.  Huge fun actually coming up with things for all those sessions that I could cook on the road using a camp stove à la Samwise Gamgee (the hobbit who travels with Frodo to the fires of Mordor!).

**See also ‘Sunday’ when I post that, as the slow cooking items are all highly share-able!