Friday: C’est un scandale! Ils ont dit quoi?

French: It is an outrage! They said what?

Carrot cake flourless done 7

Seriously, when I worked in the big end of town at a nameless international airline, Friday was not the day to chase productivity goals – it just about took surgery to remove people from the water cooler precinct and the coffee shop.  Heading to the weekend, gossip was the priority – the week was nearly a done deal, and there was always next week for the rest of the ‘to do’ list. It’s all about being sociable, not frantic for a deadline.

Even further back towards the dawn of time, when I was still in the RAAF, the standard Friday moment of celebration about postings and promotions was to have cake – which was not quite every week but close to that with all the comings and goings back then.

So one way and another, for me Fridays mean cake with a side order of gossip – which works just fine these days at uni or when our wee neighbour comes to say hello.

And let’s face it, who really wants to argue about whether cake for breakfast is a legitimate lifestyle choice???  Not me!  In fact, last year when I was in Italy for a conference, I found it altogether too easy to get into the habit of Ciambella for breakfast.  When I stayed at a convent across the road from the Vatican (no, really, I did) for my post-conference break, their baker had a particularly magic way with a lemon glazed Ciambella  which was only slightly less beatific than their lemon glazed croissant … but don’t get me started on those!  My lemon yoghurt loaf doesn’t quite reach those dizzy heights, but then again, you can have one without paying an airfare to Europe : )

Carrot cake (flourless)     Banana bread

Lemon yoghurt loaf      Maple date loaf    Honey gingerbread

These cakes range from the politically-correct, with relatively modest amounts of sugar (carrot cake, especially if you don’t glaze it), to the sugar rush specials (honey gingerbread a.k.a. ‘how many types of sugar can we pack into one cake?’).

PS If you are sharing, you could also head back to Monday and do a round of muffins, or reverse all the way back to Advent and make a chocolate fruitcake.


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