Wednesday: Но я не согласен друг мой!

Russian: But I do not agree my friend!

Mookie for Easter 3

It’s make or break day. The day for debating every little thing, whether a contract, a project or year 3 homework.  Wednesday seems destined to be the day when we emulate the great dissenter, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – it just will not do to be identical to all those drinking the office KoolAid, lining up to do as they are told.

So breakfast needs to be something to pump up the blood sugar for all the hand-waving arguments that are the signature of the mid-week breakfast ‘discussion’ (did you hear the air-quotes?)

  Evil breakfast pizza     Mookies     Biscotti my way     Politically-correct oatey slice

Not really nutritious, but certainly hands-down most delicious, are two that are perfect after pulling an all-nighter of work or play – evil breakfast pizza (which has a ridiculous amount of sugar in it!) and our house special ‘mookies’ (which are more like chocolate laced together with a bit of cookie dough).

Oh, alright – if you have to have something nutritious to fuel your gesticulations, there is a politically-correct slice filled with oaty goodness.  Of course, if you are broke, saving for a holiday or just saving your sugar allowance for another day, go back to Monday and try the brack (go on, read about it to find out why).