“It’s nothing special”

I recently fell into a project where the work skills that I take for granted were rather more highly prized by those colleagues than I have come to expect – they were particularly appreciative, and made me blush which is no mean feat at my age!  On the same theme, I see my cooking as something everyone might aspire to, but again was made to blush yesterday when the wee girl next door reported to her play group friend that I was a very kind neighbour who shares special cooking!

After a rap like that, I must resolve to never again say “It’s nothing special, just what I do in my spare time”!!  And in celebration of being appreciated by the local pre-schoolers, here is a recipe that has its own blush from the gorgeous berries that I used to make a simple breakfast treat.

PS the main image is rose petals, one of the most special ingredients I’ve ever used, and a blushing tribute to the garden of my younger sister, Kathryn.