When a recipe is noise

Sometimes, a recipe just gets in the way of progress – like earlier in the week, after a couple of rainy days and no walks to the green grocer, plus it was still coming down in stair rods every hour or so.  That left me looking at a cupboard cooking effort – but we had just had pasta the night before, one of my great cupboard standbys.  Next option, what do I have in the house that goes together?  A few potatoes, a couple of onions, one lonely lemon was the fresh offerings.  Missing an ingredient for almost every recipe, or with some but not enough of key ingredients to feed us as three.

At that point, a recipe just becomes noise.  So I got everything likely out on the bench and just thought about what goes together – and remembered there were fresh herbs in the garden.  

Then, this is what I did – brushed a pan with a few drips of olive oil, then layered in everything that seemed to fit, rosemary and Greek basil for the herbs, few grinds of black pepper on top.  

Once that was done, a couple of lamb chops in the freezer seemed like the obvious choice, so hey presto! dinner.  I put a lid on the vegetables and into the oven at 180°C, ready by the time the chops were defrosted and grilled.