Tuesday – Ich denke. Wiederkäuen ist die Antwort.

German: I am thinking. Rumination is the answer.

Museli honey toasted cooked 1

Time on Tuesday seems to move more sedately and deliberately – not so much of the whooshing sound made by Monday as it dashes by, more the steady hum of industry as we try to progress our work, whatever it may be.  Tuesday is get serious day: the go-hard-or-go-home day of the working week – so there is no time to meander through a selection of tasty breakfast goodies, because there is a real chance to move projects on, update the files, advance plans and targets. You name it, it all seems possible on Tuesday, thinking day.  So if the brain is engaged for the heavy duty work of the week, best the body be engaged with some hard core nutrition that will last the distance.

Honey toasted muesli     Muesli     Fridge porridge     Fruit compote

That means that if Tuesday is all about food to think by, it presents no small challenge for Mumchefoz in a ‘multi-disciplinary’ household including an engineer, a lapsed economist/now PhD student, the literature student turned English teacher (for speakers of other languages) and the budding games journo/reviewer!

Our thinking foods seem to be things that go in a bowl and get chewed slowly. Muesli (left), toasted muesli (above), hot porridge, fridge porridge – all things that call for chewing to match the ruminating style of Tuesday.

The soft option is fruit compote, which has an undeservedly bad rep as full of extra sugar – our taste testing (extensive, needless to say) shows that it can go very, very light on the added sugar and still be delicious. The real trick is to go carefully while you eat or you’ll wear it.

Full credit for the fridge porridge idea goes to my younger sister Kathryn, who is the legend finder of new ideas.  In fact, in one of those stories that can really only come from sisters, it is her friend, known to us as ‘Other Catherine’, who is the source of the toasted muesli recipe – she got it from her sister’s mother-in-law! (no, really – true story!)

So get your bowl and spoon and you’ll be well ready for any Tuesday life can throw at you!