Monday – Subito presto!

Italian: literally, immediately soon! In other words, get your skates on, right now!

Tower of muffins 6

These brekkie items are for those days with no time to waste, mountains to be climbed, boxes to be ticked – or just a Monday after a terrific weekend, where the temptation to linger asleep was a little too strong.  However much time you don’t have, it’s all about not running out of steam along the way, or looking and feeling like a limp, wrung out bit of fabric, being so wretchedly tired at the end of the day that you can’t enjoy your achievements.

Some days are just not for dawdling, not for the leisurely, contemplative breakfast. The start of the working week is destined to be that way, especially if a big weekend means a slow start to Monday. Even with a prompt start, there is often a sense of needing to get it done today, or the whole week might well slip by again without that result being put on the table.  On those days, it’s all about grab and go, something that can be ready now and eaten quickly – even better if it will also keep you going through a packed morning. And best if you actually eat your breakfast, not end up wearing it on your work clothes.

Buttermilk muffins      Quiche muffins     Eggie muffins (with how-to steps)      Brack

For a cook, then, it’s not rocket science to work out that muffins (the overgrown cupcake type) are popular for a reason – portability and only minimal potential for damage to your work clothes on the run.  In many ways they can be the ideal ‘breakfast in a bag’ when you make them at home and pack them with the good stuff.

So a ‘muffin’ in our house is virtually anything that can be cooked in a muffin cup or tray to make it portable, and we have adapted a bunch of things to suit that approach.

PS On a different day, these are all great for ‘picnics’ – which in our house means anytime you take the munchies with you and eat out. So a ‘car picnic’ was snacks for driving to see Granma or the cousins, a ‘beach picnic’ is actually walking one of the many beach tracks near our home with a bag of munchies in hand, a ‘train station picnic’ is when we drop in to Sydney’s Central Station to see a visitor on their way through and take them a revival package of fresh, home baked eats … you get the idea!

PPS Brack gets extra bonus points because you can make it anytime on the weekend and it will be fine for Monday – if it lasts that long!