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Spoons 7Since I am re-starting my writing here (after a seriously mad couple of weeks richocheting from one project to another work-wise) I though I’d take a moment to remark about becoming conversant with the basics of cooking.

From where I sit (admittedly, as someone who loves cooking) it is something that can never come too soon – perhaps the better perspective is what my nephew James wisely observed over Christmas: “everyone has to eat so everyone should be able to cook”.

Actually, he has also remarked when younger that following recipes involves a useful bit of maths – for example, we used making multiples of recipes, or smaller than usual batches,  to get through practicing multiplication and division homework when I was staying a couple of years back.  Thinking back, we also practiced measuring carefully when he was still at the mud pies stage of life.  No wonder he is quite the accomplished one spooner cook already, and interested in being better.

So, like reading, it seems to me that cooking is something that needs to be done around and with children, or they don’t associate it with themselves – it becomes something that other people do.  And, come to that, cooking is a useful reminder that words have specific meaning, and for good reason (unless one is commentating the winter Olympics, then its just a choice between ‘massive’ and ‘awesome’ !!!) – part of getting that one spoon rating is simply learning the difference between mix, beat, whisk, stir, etc., and the other specific forms of what is just combining some ingredients.

Once you have those basic forms organised, becoming conversant with slightly more complicated things is, once more with feeling, often a case of seeing it done.  So, in a slightly belated celebration of the recent ordination of Roxanne, my friend from our early career in the Royal Australian Air Force, I am going to show how-to on making lemon butter, or lemon curd to some people – Rox loved it when we were too young to care about calories and was famous for eating it out of the jar with a spoon!

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  1. Roxanne says:

    Yes! Love your lemon butter! 🙂

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