Cook’s day off

Savoury pancakes 15.jpg
Get the recipe for savoury pancakes

As the temperature climbed past 35°C again today, with humidity in the 90s, we went with having a day off, binge-watching our favourite genre shows and having lazy meals – so brunch started to look a lot like linner (when breakfast has gone past lunch, heading towards dinner!).

Pancakes are quick to prepare and so perfect for the occasion, but today called for the addition of melted cheesy goodness to offset the wear and tear from wretched weather.

Making pancakes with a crust calls for a little cook’s dexterity when turning over the half-cooked pancake.   Cheese are easier than chocolate (more prone to burning) – short of being dropped on the floor, they’ll taste great almost no matter how untidy they get, so a lazy day is just the time to let the junior cooks have a crack at it.


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