Another year, another experiment


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Part of my schtick as a cook is not be limited by the tried and true winners, and to make real food that may not be picture perfect like the show cooks, but it gets eaten enthusiastically – leaving the pattern on the plate is fine, but otherwise love to see it cleaned up!  To choose new things, I do have some seasonal habits and one is that somehow new year fun has come to mean a bit of a pie-o-rama – the reason is lost in the mists of time but think it was related to a friend who was with us for one ‘orphan’s Christmas’* had spent time in North America and missed the pie thing.

So this new year, I went a main course for our dinner that matched – pork ribs, North American BBQ style served with a sour cream potato salad and rocket salad – and hit the favourites of pumpkin pie and pecan pie, but I have also:

  • tried a new pie recipe for jelly tart,
  • discovered lavender marmalade – brewed up last week with the lavender bounty from raiding the garden of my sister Kathryn – makes a splendid wee tart treat using cream cheese pastry, plus
  • snuck in some jam tarts from youngberry jam made by my sister Roslyn and made pie toppers from the leftover pastry.

Phew!  I’d say I’m pretty much on a roll for 2018 – very best wishes to everyone for a better year.

*Of which we’ve had many over the years – this is where we gather up those who’d otherwise be on their own and make a patchwork family for Christmas dinner.