December 23 – hot chocolate

Hot choc pancakes 6
Get the recipe

Drinking hot chocolate is another Christmas moment etched on our memories by seeing it in endless numbers of Christmas movies – although, to be fair, I don’t remember seeing anyone drink hot chocolate in Die Hard.  When we originally did the list of ingredients in 2012, I didn’t give in a thought until it came out of the ingredients lucky dip on a day of about 35°C.  Its only about 32°C today, so I really shouldn’t complain, but when hot choc rolled around again, I had no hesitation in going back to what I did in the Advent-ure 1.0 – hot chocolate pancakes.

Seriously, I had forgotten how scrumptious these are – I had mine with blueberry and cranberry jam and a splash of cream – with a vat of coffee chaser!  They were definitely just the thing after a morning out shopping and such – I might now have the energy for some serious laying about in front of the TV, following by some intensive study of the inside of my eyelids.

Basically a buttermilk pancake, the trick is how to add the choc chips while still getting the pancakes to rise into gorgeous fluffiness, at the same time as not burning the chocolate.  Get the recipe for the simple trick, and enjoy!


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