December 22 – cranberries

Cranberries in many forms are an indispensable part of Christmas now – but when I was young, back around the time of the last ice age, the token bowl of cranberry sauce was the limit – and then only if turkey was on the menu.  

Dried cranberries now seem to be in everything but the bath, as the saying goes – amazing in Oz given they are not a locally produced ingredient.  Just here at Coogee, cranberries make an appearance in my chocolate fruitcake, mookies, stuffing – the list goes on.

Make your own treats

Today, however, I have gone with a pure treat item in preparation for Christmas Day lunch at the house of my brother Tim (who has cooked me some legendary roasts over the years).  Since it is Aussie style, everyone ‘bring a plate’, for my contribution I have already banked the fruitcake, chocolate fudge and shortbread, so today it is ‘not chocolate’ shards with cranberries and rosewater.  

Being addicted to dark chocolate, white chocolate is, as you might guess, ‘not really chocolate’ – but I’m thinking that the family will still hoover these up with their coffee.