December 20 – fudge

It has been seriously stinking hot here today, breathtakingly humid, then an armageddon quality storm this afternoon and instantly 10 degrees cooler.  Cooking really rather lacked appeal until then, and having the oven on for long still looked more than a bit dodgy.

What’s a girl to do?  Go with something that only needs a nodding acquaintance with ‘cooking’, which today means fudge.  Fudge isn’t an ingredient, you say?  Probably true – in fact, as far as I’m concerned it is a legitimate food group on its own – but on a day of such hideous weather, since I made the rules for this challenge, I think I’ll just go ahead and bend them a little.

Make your own

This recipe gets a two spoon rating because there is hot sugary liquid involved, which can give a nasty burn.  But otherwise it is very hard to go wrong, and when put on the table the finished product runs out like a thief in the night.

This is one that I really don’t mess with – the most variation I make is a few drops of essence.  If you want another variety, you might try the chocolate bites from our Craftapalooza 2015.  There is peanut butter involved, so possibly not suitable if you are not sure about the allergies of those who may be sharing the bounty.  But now that I say that, stay tuned and I may do another sweet bite item before the season is out.