December 19 – elf snacks

Between several different work incarnations being active today, as well as mum, sister, neighbour and a few others, one definitely gets the feeling of being an over-worked and really quite weary elf.  So I am going back to an old favourite that has uses on many, many occasions as both a treat and a reviver – biscotti.

Dunk a couple of these in your coffee for one of life’s great moments, however inelegant it might be – I’ve made many flavours other than the Christmas standard of orange (these were lime and coconut), but every single one has been food for the soul as well as the body.  Probably the more so because, no question about it, my biscotti has a pretty gnarly style – no wafers here, just a big slice of sweet, nutty goodness.

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There are two stages to the cooking, which takes a little planning, but the trickiest bit is cutting the slices for the second bake. Okay, no, to be fair there another thing – not eating the sticks as you get them set for the second bake is quite a challenge!!!  So if you try nothing else new this Christmas, try this one and let me know how you go – I am definitely interested in flavour suggestions as well.

PS For a few more tips see an earlier post

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