December 18 – silver cachous

There are two things to know about today’s Advent treat – a wee Christmas tree made of biscuits that has gone to the lovely little girl who lives next door.

Make your own (see also step by step below)

First, given time and an oven-friendly break in the weather, at Christmas Mum always made Shrewsbury biscuits.  That has served me very well because Sydney is really not gingerbread friendly – a gingerbread house or Christmas tree tends to sag the instant it is finished due to the ridiculous humidity.  This year is a doozie for that – so just as well I have the alternative under control.  (PS these biscuits are reliable and forgiving, fantastic for practicing handling things that need to be rolled out.)

The second thing is that Mum was no stint on decorating with icing and silver cachous – and it really wouldn’t have been Christmas without the edible ball bearings!!!

“Nobody else in the entire galaxy has ever even bothered

to make edible ball bearings!”

– The Doctor (David Tennant, 2006) in the BBC’s Dr Who

And for those who would like a tutorial on this, read the recipe and look here:

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