December 11 – Frosty

Frosty portraitWhy is it that we instinctively think Frosty at Christmas even when its the blazing sunshine of summer here in Oz?  Don’t know but I bet that even now a fellow PhD aspirant is out there somewhere toiling over the connection between repeated commercial announcements and the communal memory of our species!

Anyhow, today’s Advent-ure entry is brought to you from the house of my sister Kathryn (and husband Richard), and by the work of her son, James.  He is finished school for the year and I am on Aunty duty while his mum and dad are doing their work duty.  The junior cook chose making and decorating a cake for his mum and dad to enjoy tonight after a hard day in the coal mines – made using this great wee cake tin that our mum gave me years ago – in fact, he made an appearance in the 2012 Advent-ure!

Frosty portrait finishedThis is definitely my recommended approach for getting people from zero spoons to one spoon – use a packet mixture for a safe result, and give them practice in preparing their work area and becoming familiar with utensils and equipment, reading instructions and managing the oven, not to mention the basic cooking skills like measuring correctly (and cracking eggs, but I did that one today!).

It is about saying “I love you” with food, not about making a work of art.  Although, to be fair, this is a pretty darn fab result from a 12-year-old keen to start the process of being able to get his cake on in future.  And I bet it will taste just great with a hard-earned coffee!