December 10, mint spelled h-o-m-a-g-e

Mookies 2
Make mookies!

Everywhere my family lived, all around Australia, our Mum ended up with mint going feral around the tap in the back yard.  No surprise, then, that a mix of Philly style cream cheese, crushed pineapple and piles of mint was her go-to dip for short notice visitors.  Always on a tight budget, she managed to make such good use of that post-apocalyptic-survivor mint for festive cooking generally, but you can be sure that the tribes of visitors in the season ALL got that dip! Equally no surprise, in the Advent-ure 2012 mint was one of the first things I thought of in homage to Mum.  Sadly our courtyard garden here at Coogee is sunshine-challenged, so my minty Christmas memories from childhood had to give way to mint essences of various kinds.

Advent mookies 2017
I hope you can smell those through the internet – they are aromatherapy of the kind that I can heartily recommend to relieve whatever ails you!!!

No doubt about it the hands-down winner is the Advent 2012 mint mookie – the brain child of our child Alan!  The house smells of those right now, homage to Al on several fronts – he is the naughty boy who gave these yummies their name (read more), he was a great mate to his Granma (including talking food and cooking all the way around Tassie when we took my Mum and Dad there for a month in a motorhome some years back), and this week he was confirmed in his Masters program at Keio Uni in Japan – well done Al all on all fronts!!  Back then, while Al and Mum chewed the fat in the back section of that motorhome, Andy and our Dad, his Granpa, had the middle area for their spot to sit in manly silence in the sun.  They have also had a great time doing quite a few train and bus trips together since, so the other part of the h-o-m-a-g-e today is a ginger espresso mookie – Dad is a ginger-a-holic so they are being packed up even as we speak for me to take to Dad/Granpa in Canberra.



  1. Peta says:

    They were delicious ❤

    1. mumchefoz says:

      Ta da da, ta da da – insert a little happy dance here!

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