December 7 – custard

Vanilla slice 11
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This custard slice (or vanilla slice) Advent treat is a practice run for making custard that is up to scratch when, no question, hot custard goes with hot pudding at Christmas, even if it is 40°C and we can hardly move for the humidity!

It also continues my theme from yesterday – ‘hacks-for-the-pastry-challeged’ cook – by skipping round the pastry entirely this time.  Indeed, it is also the only slice I make turns out neatly (at least relatively so!).

But beware, it is still most definitely rated two spoons plus because unlumpy custard does take practice.  In my case, it was luckily a knack I found pretty quickly when learning over an open fire at Girl Guide camps, so the local pine forest was the scene of some, but not too desperately many, burials of the failed attempts!!