December 4 – cinnamon

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Cinnamon is one of those things that to me always seems a bit magical.  I really associate with the special things our Mum often only made at Christmas – she used it sparingly then, but now spices from all over the world have become more available and more reasonably priced, all year round I throw it into sweet and savoury dishes and marvel at the alchemy it works on things that would otherwise be serviceable but not special.

However, what I really want to know is how the heck someone thought to chew on tree bark and find out it was tasty! Who was that brave soul and how hungry did they need to be to hit that experiment?

When our boys were small, making cinnamon toast for afternoon tea on a cold day was a real thing – and adults in the house were known to spirit away a few slices when no one was looking too hard.  On a suddenly cold and wet day after a week of sweltering early summer, these cinnamon tostadas have the same quality – mostly a fun variation on that theme.  Probably a half a spoon rating really, but do take care with the hot sugar as they come out of the oven – anyone who has had a mishap with making toffee will tell you how nasty a burn from hot syrup can be.