December 3 – rosewater

Rice pudding single shot 4
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After a first foray today into the Christmas shopping scrum, feeling a bit too worn out for real cooking, so thinking snack dinner (looks a lot like brunch items such as eggie muffins or bread pizza).  Years of assessing appetites by the look in the eyes of the men of the house, though, made me think I’d better magic up something to fill up the corners if needed, but keep for a few days if not (due respect to Mum’s lessons on not ever wasting food).  I was fishing around the mental archive when out popped one of the big wins of the original Advent ingredients challenge in 2012 – rosewater meets rice.

We have long associated rosewater with the various cuisines of the Middle East, and in Sydney have had the pleasure of access to excellent traditional sweets flavoured with it.  So when we were making the list of challenge ingredients in 2012, we threw that in on the assumption that if the wise men had needed a reviver in Bethlehem they might well have scoffed some sweets of that kind lol : )

I read then that rosewater in rice pudding was supposed to be something special – and proved that it was!  I have reprised that one tonight and it was every bit as scrumptious again – the arty shot glass presentation lasted about 10 seconds and I had to run back for a refill!!

The reason I made it when tired and not up to real cooking is that it needs watching – today I kept an eye on it while making trays of bread pizza and shuffling them in and out of the oven with an eye on the cricket – easy!  So this recipe really is not much above a one-spooner, but rates two for the care needed when heating milk: take my advice and do not EVER leave milk unattended on the heat. Back around the dawn of time when I first started cooking unsupervised, I had to answer the doorbell while heating milk, and I didn’t think to turn the heat off while I ran to the door.  You do not want to hear about the hours it took to clean up boiled over milk – never want to have to do that again!