December 1 – chocolate fruit cake

Chocolate fruitcake 2
Get that recipe!

For a year in which we are less than overflowing with Christmas cheer, for any old time when exhausted parental elves need to be buoyed up to make it through wrapping those last few presents, this is the answer.

On other high days and holidays, it’s also the answer for reviving visitors arriving late at night from far off places (or even just up the road), those on their way to a wake or on their way home from a wedding; it’s the birthday present for the person who has everything and the right response to a million other of life’s challenges that call for a little celebration!

Basically this is a boiled fruitcake, with a healthy dose of dark chocolate as the secret ingredient (although, to be fair, I think chocolate is a legitimate food group all on its own lol).  The recipe is rated at two spoons for the care needed, but it’s not actually a difficult one – unlike the traditional fruit cake which calls for soaking fruit and extreme care in mixing it lest it become tough.  The good news is also that if you don’t mind using a silicon cake pan, there is no need for the traditional three layers of baking paper – they are needed to stop a metal cake pan from overheating the outside of the cake while it is cooking, and making a nasty, hard crust.

Somebody’s Great-Aunt Thelma would probably view the inclusion of chocolate as heresy in making a fruit cake, but so be it – we think there is absolutely nothing like it for getting the party started.  So on the first day of this Advent-ure cook-a-rama, I can’t think of a better recipe to share.  If you want a jump start on your Christmas Day treats, make this any time and store in the fridge – tightly wrapped in alternating layers of grease proof wrap and tinfoil (don’t use plastic wrap on fruit cake as it tends to make it sweat and then go mouldy).

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