Almond dukkah 4
Get the recipe for almond dukkah

Dukkah is a savoury spice mix that brings in the protein of nuts and seeds to revive you on hot or hard-working days.  Of course, it’s also good for making you look like a legend when friends pop in unexpectedly – just have a jar of this ready in the cupboard.

Serve with small pieces of whatever bread you like – dip in olive oil, then dip in the dukkah. Of course, the better the olive oil, the better the overall taste!

This rather lovely serving bowl followed a friend home from overseas (Portugal if I remember correctly) and jumped out of his bag at our place – it’s actually for serving olives, the smaller section being intended for your slightly used olive seeds.  As you can see, it works equally well as a dipping plate here and a good reminder that for this sort of grazing you can throw in olives and other antipasto items like dips, vegetable sticks, and the like.

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