What are your staples?

Date and cardamon spread 2
Date and cardamon spread is easy to make, keeps well, and can turn a few ho hum bits and pieces into a delicious light meal – stay tuned for the recipe

While I think up a string of items to talk about in the Cupboard Cooking stream, I was hoping that readers would have ideas from their own experience of life-saving items to have on hand.

22 November:

So far tinned tomatoes wins the prize as the most popular choice, while other frequent pantry fliers are tinned chickpeas, kidney beans, in fact any beans, to spin out a meal and make it more substantial – in this area, also sachets of cooked brown rice popped up as a new one on me.  Read more  (First nomination for the freezer also in – stay tuned for more on that another day.)

Please add your comments or nominations here or the FB page, or pin a picture of your items to the Pinterest board, to share your thoughts on what keeps the wolves from your door when you couldn’t, or just couldn’t be bothered to, get things in for a meal.  I would like to develop a pantry shopping list/check list based on a wide cross-section of cooking experiences.


  1. KLM1910 says:

    Pasta and passata in the cupboard along with some meat and/or veg from the fridge and you can get a meal on the table.
    On the more treat side, I always have chocolate melts, condensed milk and golden syrup, along with flour, coconut, sugar and butter – so I can make choc caramel slice when the need arises!

    1. mumchefoz says:

      OK then! I am going to feel very relaxed about dropping around to your place lol, since I look forward to a great pasta dinner followed by caramel slice for dessert!!!! Cheers!

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