Lemon butter (a.k.a. lemon curd)

Lemon butter 1
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To my everlasting sorrow, the garden here at Coogee is nominal – limited to a courtyard on three sides of the ground floor, and half filled with 4 massive trees along the back fence.  The good news is that we are set noticeably lower than the surrounding properties and the rest of this building (a modestly sized block that includes another terrace like ours along with several units), so cool air stays in a well around our place in the summer.  That certainly gets double bonus points in the stinking humidity that is Sydney on its lesser days.  The bad news is – abandon hope, all ye gardeners who enter here!  There is a reasonable amount of direct sunlight in the dead of summer, but not enough to grow more than soft herbs all the rest of the year.

So long ago dreams of having my own citrus trees and a proper veggie garden had to be shelved in favour of not spending hours every day just commuting to and from work – which also would have meant not having time to garden or cook, let alone see the boys, for a couple of decades.

Oh well, lucky for me I have various friends happy to contribute lemons in the hope of a jar of lemon butter (a.k.a. lemon curd)!  Prize winning produce on this has been from my sister Kathryn and her husband Richard – the aroma from the last batch hung in the air for ages after all the jars were sealed!

PS: Lovely limes at the market today, so had a crack at lime butter just for fun.  They are a fair bit smaller so I used 6 – came out closer to 1/3 cup juice than 1/4, but otherwise it was the same approach.  Gorgeous aroma while cooking, and seriously lip-smacking taste – as a topping on a ginger nut biscuit, might even rate as heavenly!

Lime prep 1


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