The mystery of ‘mookies’

Mint mookies on rack portrait
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Did you know that, when a teenage boy has a whole cookie in his mouth, his answer to the question “What flavour is that?” comes out “Mmmmm-ookie!”  (Picture it with a shrug that goes with the Mmmmm.)  The boy was our son Alan, the question was from his godmother, my sister Roslyn, and the result is a family legend!

While basically a chocolate cookie, we have made almost innumerable variations by mixing up the two cups of ‘other stuff’ the recipe calls for – nuts, dried fruit, various types of choc chips matched to various types of other flavourings (like mocha with dark choc or strawberry with white choc).  One very memorable season – when there was an oversupply of cherries and dried cherries were affordable for everyday cooking – dark chocolate chips and dried cherries were a combination in great demand!

No two ways about it, these are outrageously yummy and great for the soul – not so much for the waistline.  They also make a rather wonderful present – “disposable” so they create no clutter!!!

In terms of making them, they are at the upper end of the two spoon range because a bit of care is required to achieve a nicely shaped cookie that remains in one piece – but even if they break coming off the tray because you over-did the ‘other stuff’ you added, or didn’t get the oven temperature quite right, or didn’t let them cool first, or your tray didn’t want to let them go, fear not!!!  Experience suggests that they will get hoovered up anyway!