Fridge porridge

Fridge porridge 1Another taste sensation that really doesn’t need a recipe, this is so easy it almost gets a zero spoon rating!  Full credit for this one goes to my sister Kathryn, legend finder of new ideas.

Just take equal amounts of milk, yoghurt, rolled oats* and frozen berries, and mix in a large bowl. Put in a sealed/airtight container in the fridge and leave overnight – it comes out something like bircher muesli.

Mixing up a batch of one cup of each ingredient gives about 4 to 5 serves of breakfast and will keep in the fridge for about a week.

If you like to plan ahead, make the larger batch and divide into 5 single serve sealed/airtight containers ready to go each morning for a working week.  Then, if time gets away from you one morning, just add a spoon and run with a portable brekkie!

Kathryn recommends using frozen raspberries – they may need a spoon of brown sugar added to take the tart edge off.  In the batch shown above, we used blueberries, and they certainly didn’t need any sugar added – I did throw in some chia seed and sprinkle a little more on top, which was great.  Another time I used Greek yoghurt, put in a swirl of honey and a sprinkle of slivered almonds – yum!

*PS for a gluten free version, substitute rice flakes for the rolled oats.  The consistency is softer, but the yum! is still there.  You might just check the amount of milk recommended by your brand of rice flakes as that varies a bit.