Evil breakfast pizza

Evil breakfast pizza 1Okay, this really doesn’t need a recipe as such, just a licence to do it without adult supervision.

Basically, get a pizza base, or a wrap if you prefer thin&crispy, and spread it with hazelnut spread as thickly as you like.

Bake it in the oven at no more than 180°C (it will burn quite easily) for a few minutes to get that chocchie goodness happening.

Don’t try to sneak it through the griller – this is where you find out how much sugar is in that ‘healthy’ hazelnut spread.  It will be charred sugar before you can absorb enough caffeine to realise what is going on.

To go with this one done with a thin pizza base, I microwaved some frozen berries until juicy, no sugar or anything else added.  I can also certify that this is ‘takeaway’ friendly – it won’t collapse as you eat on the run – but don’t try to take the berries with you, your work clothes really won’t improve with the juice stains.

PS it is the hangover breakfast of choice amongst students at my uni, and one of the cafes does a roaring trade on Friday mornings particularly!