Eggie muffins, the how to guide

When our younger son, Andrew, was aged 4-ish, a Saturday morning TV show included a segment on showing kids how to make simple nutritious food. From memory, Andy later described how to make something he dubbed “eggie muffins” using a slice of bread as the “muffin cup”.  A household favourite, in more recent years we have had great success with using filo pastry rather than bread when we want a lighter meal.

This is a great one for a young cook, or any novice, to learn on – with a terrific meal at the end of their work.  They’ll keep for a few days in the fridge, good for the lunch box or a grab-and-go brekkie.

This version of the recipe is a how-to guide or you can go to the short version.  Another time, top them with dukkah that you have mixed up ready.

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