What’s with the spoons?

Spoons 7Rummaging around in my kitchen, a fellow cooking enthusiast might well notice that there is pretty much a spoon for every occasion.  Big spoons, little spoons, cooking spoons, eating spoons – you name I probably have one of it.  A whole range of them have come back to me via the travels of friends, family and colleagues (including those in the picture that came all the way from Ireland).  Then there is the ‘miscellaneous utensils’ drawer (ie. where all the leftovers ended up) which seems to spawn a new spoon spontaneously now and again.

So when I was looking for a way to indicate the difficulty of recipes here, it was a bit of a blinding flash of the glaringly obvious – a spoon rating!  Duh! Can’t believe it took me more than ten seconds to think of it!  So here’s the guide:

One spoon – “okey doke, you’re a novice”: These recipes need only basic skills, the method is relatively forgiving and the results are pretty reliable.  If you can hold a spoon, you can probably do them.

Two spoons – “taking those trainer wheels off now”: These usually have one step or aspect that needs care, or a trick to keep your eye on to get the best results.  With enthusiasm and a little practice under your belt, you should take a shot at these.

Three spoons  – “get ready, you’re a cook!”: These recipes may have two or more bits that are tricky, but also generally call for some more developed skills – not to mention a cook’s patience and organisation.  So for these you will need some confidence and the cook’s judgement that only comes with practice – but all still eminently do-able by someone who hasn’t had a cooking lesson in over 40 years (that would be me!).

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