Tartlets for all!

Tarlets lemon merigue
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As a veteran of both far too many Air Force Week cocktail parties in my early career in the Royal Australian Air Force, and altogether too much schmoozing in my later corporate career, I hate with a fiery passion that ‘finger food’ which collapses after the first bite, where you end up wearing half the filling or at least a goodly shower of crumbs.

No surprise, then, that I think the god-like chefs are those who make gorgeous ‘finger food’ that you can still actually eat tidily!  For a mere cook, the trick is to have an item in a size that can be eaten in one bite, or two with safety, and then make several varieties.  We went sweet for the Craftapalooza afternoon tea, but on another day we’d have had savoury too – perhaps various fillings in miniature vol-au-vents (any larger size being the evil ones that shower the unwary with crumbs and filling).

This recipe for tartlets rates as a one spooner because it uses bought pastry cases.  We are fortunate that there is a brand available that is reliable and very tasty.  If you don’t have access to something like that, use bought frozen pastry and carefully follow the instructions on the packet for a two spoon version.  If you really are keen to make your own butter pastry, I would call that three spoons and you will already know to allow plenty of time just to make the shells.