Eggs in filo a.k.a. eggie muffins

Breakfast eggs in filo
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Nutritious and delicious – especially with fresh herbs and eggs straight from chooks kept by our sister Rosie!  Eggs in filo is the grown up name for what the kids dubbed eggie muffins.  Eaten at home they are an easy way to get everyone fed at once on a Saturday morning and it means the cook sometimes eats while brekkie is still hot rather than standing over the stove still cooking.

Eaten away from home, these were pretty much what spawned the name of ‘train station picnic’ because they have been a big favourite for travellers we catch up with on their way through Sydney’s Central Station.  When Mum and Dad still travelled on the train regularly to their families in Queensland, they would be stuck at the station for at least a couple of hours waiting for their connection.  Whoever was able would go in and take munchies like these, and fruit muffins or mookies, rather than leave them to the mercies of junk food outlets.

The batch shown in the photo were topped with my own mix of dukkah.

You can also see the step-by-step version of this recipe.

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