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Profiterole mound
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For our Craftapalooza afternoon tea, I made rather dainty profiteroles – a fun change for me after years of making the industrial-sized treats so much appreciated by our two boys and their friends.  (I can confirm there really is no limit to how much a growing boy can cram into one mouthful – ask us the story of mookies some time!)  The main thing here is choux pastry, which is used for making profiteroles, eclairs or Paris-Brest pastries (the latter are doughnut shaped, like a wee wheel and named after the annual bike race in France).  Any of them can be made to a size that suits the occasion – at the piping stage, just remember that they will expand considerably when being baked.

I’ve also seen profiteroles assembled with cream to make a swan!  That was piped in two parts – a body that was cut open to also provide the wings, and then a much small piece that was the head and neck.  10 out of 10 for piping accuracy on that one.

That highlights that this really is not a hard recipe, but getting a particular shape spot on can take a little practice on wielding the piping bag.  For the first couple of times, I’d suggest stick to profiteroles that you can do as spoonfuls, get some experience with the overall deal and then get to piping another time.  Betweentimes, you’ll need a mate who likes to eat profiteroles with cream, chocolate … I see a line forming at your kitchen door now!


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