Chocolate bites

Chocolate bites
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Is it possible to have afternoon tea without chocolate?  Yes, but I think it is probably a chargeable offence in most jurisdictions.  So of course I did the right thing for our Craftapalooza afternoon tea by banking a chocolate item ahead of time – this keeps very well in the fridge, but leave it out for up to an hour before serving for best flavour.

This one is the easiest chocolate item I have ever made, but it still gets a two spoon rating just because chocolate is at least messy, and can ‘seize’ if it gets hit with water or steam in a busy kitchen – so a chocolate recipe often needs more experience just to make sure you don’t fall foul of those.

That said, I am really not good with the neat and eye pleasing part of making things, and this is very forgiving on that score.  So its well worth a try and rates very highly on the ‘looks-impressive-and-a-lot-harder-to-make-than-it-was’ scale.  : )


  1. KLM1910 says:

    Definitely have to add this one to my Christmas repertoire.

    1. mumchefoz says:

      Yes, I thought it would be a winner in the Aussie summer since there is no oven involved, and no saucepan unless you prefer it.

      I could see it wrapped up in nice cellophane bags as treat presents too – disposable is good!

  2. KLM1910 says:

    Was having an exceptionally crappy day, so thought “why wait until Christmas?” and made some this afternoon, just waiting for it to set…

    1. mumchefoz says:

      If that turns out to be a recipe you like, stay tuned for the Adventure 2017, where one I’ll be adding is the very easy chocolate fudge that is also great to enjoy at home and makes a terrific present.

    2. KLM1910 says:

      These were awesome 😁. Took some to work, where they vaporised! Definitely making some more for Christmas presents 🎄.
      The one tip I would add is “just keep stirring” when you combine the peanut butter and melted white chocolate. I wasn’t sure if it would mix in smoothly, but it eventually did.

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