Biscotti – my way!

My biscotti never lasts long on the plate, despite having a distinctly gnarly style – I love it dunked in coffee so I slice it up to a centimetre thick, which makes it a bit challenging to bite without the coffee bath.  If you want to go thinner, my sister Roslyn recommends using an electric knife for the slicing stage between bakes (now you’ll really have to read the recipe to find out what that is all about!)  I also use regular almonds rather than blanched, since now I don’t usually have blanched in the house – the one other recipe I used them for was the very traditional Christmas cake with them set in the top, and the older relatives who liked that one have gone to their reward.

Speaking of Christmas, try the one shown below as a ‘special edition’ – add in a cup of dried cherries.

Biscotti for Christmas my way

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4 Responses to Biscotti – my way!

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  2. KLM1910 says:

    Love, love, love the cherry and chocolate chip one!!!

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