Eggie muffins: the how-to version

Tray of eggs in filo
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When our younger son, Andrew, was aged 4- ish, a Saturday morning TV show included a segment on showing kids how to make simple nutritious food. From memory, Andy later described how to make ‘bread pizzas’, basically using a slice of bread instead of a pizza base. Another time he did the same for something he dubbed ‘eggie muffins’ using a slice of bread as the ‘muffin cup’.


Both have become family favourites for us and our visitors. In more recent years we have had great success with using filo pastry ‘eggie muffins’, rather than bread, when we want a lighter meal.

The large photo shows using a dukkah topping for that tray’s worth – here is that recipe!

If you are not a complete novice, you can probably use the short version of this recipe.


  1. aussiebella says:

    I love these!! Just wish I wasn’t the only one in my house who will/can eat them.

    1. mumchefoz says:

      Good ‘school lunches’ hint for the workers among us: my sons have discovered that these keep well in the fridge and make excellent ‘OMG I’ve been up all night playing D&D online with my mates’ food, which prompted be to experiment and I can now confirm that they travel well for filling the workaday lunch box.

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