Buttermilk muffins, a never ending story

Buttermilk muffin single
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The trick to a basic recipe is standing up to the taste test of variations – and after really very extensive testing, we can certify that these are delicious in an almost never ending variety of flavours.

At home, I tend to use whatever combo of fruit and things that are in the fridge/freezer/pantry on the day.  For example, the batch in the picture were done with mixed frozen berries and then we got fancy and added a berry coulis – heat or microwave frozen berries til they release juice.  For that we don’t add sugar unless it is a particularly tart crop of cranberries.

My best advice on muffins is always use papers – cafe papers, cupcake papers, whatever – but unless you really like washing up, use papers and save yourself a whole lot of bother.  If you don’t mind silicon muffin cups, they work fine for this recipe but I’d suggest leave them in warm soapy water as soon as you take the muffins out and the washing up will be a lot easier.



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