Thyme ‘shortbread’

Scarborough Fair herbsOkay, call me old but Simon & Garfunkle were huge in my teenage years and later a real highpoint was seeing them live at the Adelaide Oval. So of course ‘Scarborough Fair’ herbs for me are parsley, sage rosemary and thyme!  Just in case you don’t trust your sense of smell, this photo shows  them as dried herbs in order (left to right). Parsley is the greenest, sage looks slightly grey, rosemary looks like sticks, thyme like leaves and sticks.

Thyme shortbread
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While the flat earth society would probably gasp at calling this a shortbread, and I don’t want to line up with the too-cool-for-school-hipsters just yet, I can’t think what else this would be called.  From years of making your actual old-fashioned shortbread, I can confirm that the ingredients, method, and result are very consistent with the familiar version, but this is definitely a savoury item.  Any suggestions are very welcome – or you can just cook and enjoy, whatever you want to call it!